Potos, 64002, Thassos +30 25930 53400
  • 1. Virgin Mary Church
  • 2. Archangel Michael Monastery
  • 3. St. Panteleimon Monastery
  • 4. Olive Museum in Prinos
  • 5. Vachi Museum
  • 6. Kallirachi Folk Museum
  • 7. Archaelogical Museum
  • 1. The Nestos Delta

    The natural landscape is magnificent. Its cave, recently open to the public, is world renowned as one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Europe. The Nestos Delta is known for the variety of species of plants and wildlife.

  • 2. Kavala

    Known as the emerald city, is a beautiful seaside town on the Greek mainland, with a charming harbor and old castle. A historical city, Kavala was St. Paul’s first destination in Europe and the ancient theatre and ruins – 20 minutes from the town, are definitely worth a visit.

  • 3. Mount Ypsarion

    The highest peak on the island offers a fantastic view of the entire island below; a favorite landscape of many hikers. One of the least known but magnificent trail starts at Livadi (below Archangelou Michael Monastery) and climbs up the deep gorge, ending at Theologos, Astris-Potos or Aliki depending on the final path chosen.

  • 4. Limenas

    The ancient capital of the island and today’s modern city, is dominated by its ancient antiquities including the ancient theatre and agora. Its two harbors and surrounding pine forest characterize the natural beauty of Limenas.

  • 5. Panagia

    A charming traditional village a few kilometers south of Thassos town, Panagia is named after its old and famous church, the Monastery of the Virgin Mary. Located in a beautiful setting with lush trees, fountains and running water, the village is noted for its architecture and specialty sweets.

  • 6. Aliki

    One of the most beautiful sites in Greece, with pine forests, ancient marble quarries, sparkling blue crystal waters, picturesque beaches, ancient ruins and life in the traditional village, Aliki is a dream location, worth every minute.

  • 7. Theologos

    A unique, traditional settlement, Theologos is famous for its fine architecture, tasty specialties and local traditions. Thassos Riding Club is also found in Theologos.

  • 1. Thassos Island

    The beauty of Thassos Island is incredible. Having preserved its natural ecosystem, the island still remains Aegean’s Emerald Isle. Dense tree forests of black pine, fir trees and oak trees cover acres of the island, reaching down to the turquoise Aegean Sea. Quaint gulfs, frilled bays, and hidden caves promise unforgettable moments. Besides its spectacular beaches, Thassos also offers the beauty of its mountains and authentic villages to explore; an island with opportunities for enjoying everything under the sun.

    Recognized for its clean beaches, hospitality, fine wine, honey, olives and olive oil, Thassos Island has many reasons that make it an ideal holiday destination. Its rich history and archaeological sites, which are found throughout the island, including the temple of Pythian Apollo and the sanctuary of Dionysus, are of special interest. The island is also close to the mainland of Macedonia, the home of Alexander the Great with famous archaeological sites and beautiful cities with a Byzantine heritage allows for a number of opportunities for day trips away from the island.



The easiest and quickest way to reach Thassos is by boat from the city of Kavala.

By Plane Reaching Kavala
  • Fly directly to Kavala’s International Airport, Meg. Alexandros (KVA) in Chrissoupolis village
  • Fly to Thessaloniki Macedonia Airport (SKG) and drive to Kavala via the Egnatia highway (E90). Kavala is located 165km east of Thessaloniki and takes approximately 2hrs.
By Boat, Reaching Thassos
  • Depart from the Port of Kavala to Prinos Port – approximately 1hr 10min (north Thassos), 27km from Atrium Thassos Hotel
  • Depart from Keramoti Port for Thassos to Limenas Port – approximately 35min, with frequent routes (north Thassos), 42km from the hotel. Keramoti Port is 10min away (8km) by car from Kavala airport
By Car, Reaching Atrium Thassos Hotel
  • Take the highway towards the village of Potos. The hotel is 600 meters from the village of Potos, Thassos Island.


Greece’s emerald isle, Thassos Island constitutes of 380km2 land covered in lush ravines and surrounded with amazing, azure waters. Atrium Thassos hotel is located 600m from the picturesque Potos village and 42km from the main center, Limenas Port.

Discover Potos in Thassos Island

Thassos Island is a world apart; a remote island, lying approximately 8km opposite the coastline of Eastern Macedonia. The natural beauty of the landscape, the fascinating history, dating back to antiquity, archaeological sites and endless opportunities for discovery in its mountains and coastline makes Thassos Island a treasured summer destination.

Potos village in Thassos is very popular, especially among young tourists. With its narrow streets filled with shops and bars, tourists often finish their day with a drink after having enjoyed the multitude of Potos beaches.
At night, Potos village is vibrant and colorful, enticing young people to discover the unique night life of the beautiful Thassos village.